June 10


When to Know it’s Time to Niche and Pivot Your Personal Brand + Show Announcement with Michelle Griffin

How do you find or know when you’ve found your niche? It’s the same for both your brand, business and even a podcast. This new solo is all about your niche positioning and how it can help your brand, when it’s time to do deeper or make a shift. 

Michelle shares her own experience of how she learned and realized it was time to niche down, the hard way. And also shares a show announcement of what’s to come.



  •  “You are going to put yourself out there and you should.” (2:29-2:32)
  •  “Build a community, not an audience.” (02:37-02:39)
  •  “It is so good to put ourselves out there. But it’s also so important to realize what you like, who you like working with, and their needs. Sometimes you have to learn it the hard way, to go through bumps and bruises, before you could figure it out..” (04:25-04:35)
  • “Don’t feel stuck and stagnant for long, find someone to talk to, just get the clarity.” (6:08-6:12)
  • “The path to entrepreneurship is a beautiful path, but it’s not a straight road. There’s ups and downs, peaks and valleys, but it is amazing.” (6:46-6:55)


  • So now that I’ve been bumped and bruised and know exactly where I want to go, I’m going to be rebranding the podcast. I’m going to take three weeks off and come back, with the new name, the new premise, and all kinds of new, exciting things. (4:43-4:57)
  • I cannot wait to bring you the new and improved, niched, well positioned new podcasts that’ll be coming out in three weeks. (8:42-8:49)
  • Michelle’s second podcast, The LinkedIn Branding Show, a new weekly show to build your personal and company brand on LinkedIn. (8:20-8:29)

Connect with Michelle Griffin, Personal Brand Strategist and Coach

  • Website: YourBrandYourBusiness.com 
  • LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michellebgriffin/
  • Get active on LinkedIn: Join The #365 Creators, my community of 1000+ global professionals supporting one another as we create content, connection, and community on LinkedIn. Join us as we ramp up our personal brands, create engaging content, expand our connections, and build meaningful communities on LinkedIn

    You’ll also receive daily tips on LinkedIn, content creation, and personal branding. NOTE: This is NOT an engagement pod. Join here: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/13935427/


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Podcast production and show notes provided by XCD Virtual Assistants


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