January 22


Why a Personal Brand Is Important for Corporate Professionals and Leaders with Executive Coach Jason Frazell

I see this so often with clients and all over LinkedIn: you’re highly qualified and have years of experience but more of the right people need to know you and what you bring to the table. 

In this episode, I interview Jason Frazell, a dynamic executive leadership coach for high-impact individuals and teams in tech. 

Jason shares his corporate experience and why he should have built his brand years ago. He details his work with high-level executives and leadership teams and gives some excellent branding advice on how and why we should create a strong professional presence both in and out of our company roles.

Key Highlights
[01:15] About Jason
[02:44] Why a personal brand is important for corporate professionals and leaders.
[05:54] Things that pull back the corporate professionals and leaders from building their personal brands
[09:49] Pushbacks from CEOs and top-ranked professionals
[13:24] Tactical things to build your personal brand
[22:06] Jason’s professional and personal mantra for building a personal brand
[26:43] How to connect with Jason

Notable Quotes
●   It doesn’t have to be original. Just make your uniqueness inside of it.
●   Start somewhere and be clear about how you want to make money.
●   Any entrepreneur will tell you there are times when it’s not enjoyable. And the thing that keeps you going is that vision.
●   You are good where you are at. It’s a process. You’re going to be fine. Get the support and help you need.


Connect with Jason Frazell

• Website: https://jasonfrazell.com

• Podcasts: https://jasonfrazell.com/podcasts

• Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jasonfrazell/


Connect with Michelle Griffin, Personal Brand Strategist/Founder, BRANDthority

• Website: YourBrandYourBusiness.com

• LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michellebgriffin/

• Get active on LinkedIn: Join The #365 Creators, my community of 900+ global professionals supporting one another as we create content, connection, and community on LinkedIn. Join us as we ramp up our personal brands, create engaging content, expand our connections, and build meaningful communities on LinkedIn. Join here: The365Creators.com


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