December 6


Write Better Social Media Content: 4 Stories to Use With Your Personal Brand

Want to grab attention more attention in your social media content? 

I interview Wendy Margolin, a social media strategist and founder of Sparkr Marketing who specializes in social media content for the healthcare industry.

Learn how to translate the attention of our story for more awareness, engagement, and connection, and more.

Wendy highlights the four stories that we need to be telling, structuring a good story and the epitome of a good story. 


[01:30) Wendy Margolin’s story

(04:32) Four stories we need to be telling

[10:11] Starting with “Why”

[11:33] How to do your introduction posts

[17:26] Finding your differentiation

[20:21] Structuring a good story

[23:24] Ideas on getting these stories

[28:40] Three key takeaways on storytelling


● “Having that first line that really grabs attention and then that last line that really you know encourages engagement.” (04:47-04:54)

● “Start with the “Why”. Try to go for the big one, if not the little one or a mixture.” (09:48-09:51)

● Because we put content out daily or frequently, not everyone sees it. Still, so many people don’t see it. So, finding a way to keep re-introducing those content, cornerstone themes without exactly repeating it. It’s so smart, so it just forms a connection.” (12:01-12:17)

● “You do get better with these stories, as you tell them. Yes, don’t wait for it to be perfect, start telling it and by telling it will get much stronger:” (13:13-13-32)

● “Even if you are private, find a personal side that you can share.” (13:13-13:22)

● “Even though it’s your story, it’s not about you, the content you ever write Even in your bio is about your audience.” (28:53-29:00)


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