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Powerfully Position Yourself™ is my platform for elevating women through speaking, interactive workshops, and deep-dive masterclasses, my mission is to elevate women so they're seen, heard, and hired for their work and ideas.

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Michelle B Griffin, The Brand Therapist, Personal Branding Consultant, Coach and Speaker

"You have a gift, Michelle. You educate professionals on personal branding better than anyone I know."

Bernie Borges, VP Global Content Marketing, iQor


The Power and Payoff of Putting Yourself Out There

No more blending in! It’s time to stop undervaluing and hiding yourself and confidently step out, stand apart and go after bigger opportunities in your industry. This is the imposter-crushing and actionable presentation that both inspires and implements your group to action.

Put Yourself Out There and Prosper

Overcome your fears and procrastination on getting out in your industry. It’s time to quit holding back or hiding from those who need you most—playing small keeps you from getting your best work out there.

All participants receive a print/downloadable workbook for reference to easily implement training plus follow-up actionable call with me within 30 days of presentation.

Learn my PYOT Pyramid Framework to crush fear and move forward with a plan

• Why visibility and connection matter and how you benefit from stepping out and standing out

• Define and demystify the 3 common imposter syndrome roadblocks

• Learn actionable mindset tips and techniques to get clarity, how to differentiate yourself  and share your story

• Proven strategies to start building relationships on LinkedIn and beyond.

• Actionable and implementable tips to build your first-impression zone on LinkedIn

"I was thrilled to be present for your PYOT presentation at the LinkedIn Rocks Conference. The PYOT framework is brilliant. And the pyramid structure and elements give a level of clarity that makes it real for me. I'm more determined than ever to dive headfirst into my lane and be prepared to serve. Now that I understand the PYOT purpose, power and payoff, thank you!"

Jane Schueler, Brain Fitness Academy

"Learned a lot in a short amount of time about #personalbranding and social media with Michelle B. Griffin at #EntreCon. Go buy her new book today."

Mason Guttery, Creative Director and Designer

"Hi Michelle. Thank you very much for your very insightful personal branding presentation today. Lots of helpful direction. I look forward to connecting and staying in touch." 

Christian DeGobbi, MBA, PCM, CIM


LinkedIn for Leaders

For groups and teams to power up their positioning, profiles and presence by leveraging their personal and business brands for greater industry opportunities and growth.

LinkedIn for Leaders:

The Power of Two: LinkedIn Personal and Business Branding

No more blending in! It’s time to confidently stand out to reach your full potential. You and your group deserve the opportunities and positive impact that come with launching your personal brand - but where do you even start?

This presentation can be expanded to a full-day workshop where participants work in real-time on their profiles and branding assets. All participants receive a copy of The LinkedIn Branding Book and BrandSquared Workbook for reference to easily implement training, plus a follow-up actionable call with me within 30 days of the presentation.

Based on The LinkedIn Branding Book, this customizable length presentation outlines the importance of LinkedIn as THE platform to build your personal and business brands as a foundational primer for professionals, leaders, teams and entrepreneurs.

Using the BrandSquared System featured in the book learn:

  • The mindset needed for "putting yourself out there."
  • Clarity and positioning for an authority-focused profile
  • Credibility markers to build trust and connections
  • Content best practices for thought leadership
  • Publicity tips to increase visibility and media opportunities
  • Community building growth strategies 
  • Hands-on and implementable training for immediate action

"Thank you for the amazing presentation at the Template Design Summit. After your presentation was done. I changed my profile picture and added a banner. Now I will need to update my business pages. I have noticed the new more relaxed vibe of LinkedIn so I will definitely be posting more on here going forward."

Desirae Graham, Founder, DanceFluent

"Michelle is a great speaker and she can engage the audience and encourage them to participate in the discussion. Her personal branding presentation was very useful and practical, and how entrepreneurs can do self-branding and the benefits of being known for one thing, I highly recommend Michelle Griffin as a personal branding expert."

Marina Mchedlidze, Founder, ProfitLab

"Hey, Michelle, it was awesome to meet you. At EntreCon yesterday. I loved your presentation and feeling motivated to pitch myself and get more PR. I hope to cross paths again soon."

Lindsay Keeling, MBA, PMP


Standout Leaders: Personal Branding for Leaders & Teams

A personal branding group workshop for women executives, experts and founders who are ready to up-level, get visible, and build industry influence.

 The Visible Brand Authority Workshop & VIP Days

Based on the 7 phases of my proprietary personal positioning system, The BrandGPS, this workshop will accelerate women leaders and founders ready to step out with a strong and impactful digital presence, personal brand, and LinkedIn profile.

All participants receive a print/downloadable workbook for reference to easily implement training, plus a follow-up actionable call with me within 30 days of the presentation.

Positioning your brand and the people behind it as thought leaders builds credibility, trust and relatability with clients and stakeholders. This approach is vital for professional services leaders and subject-matter experts who often struggle to define and differentiate themselves from competitors.

The customizable length workshop teaches your group to find their voice, articulate their value, and share their story to seize more individual and company opportunities in your industry.

You'll learn:

• The mindset and confidence boosters needed to crush imposter syndrome

• The 2 most important areas to focus on for the future

• The 7 core pillars of a standout personal brand

• The Clarity Trifecta method to position yourself in your field

• How to find your stand-out factor and get out there

• Build your personal brand on LinkedIn primer

• Get started building relationships and share insights on LinkedIn 

Through hands-on activities and collaborative discussions in a small team setting, you will learn how to strategically promote your personal brand on LinkedIn and beyond. 

"You were great. Thanks so much for your personal branding presentation. The group will definitely want you back to discuss LinkedIn. They couldn't stop commenting on how the brief time you spent on LinkedIn equate or to higher value content than hours long LinkedIn training/webinars they previously took. So bravo!"

Merlinda Comas-Luca, MBA

Build Your Brand. Own Your Future. Position Yourself for Success.

As a former conference executive marketing director for two decades, I've hired dozens of top industry speakers, booked top name keynotes and selected thousands of break-out session presenters. I know what works (and what doesn't) to keep an audience engaged, motivated and inspired to take action.

With a high-energy, empowering and engaging style, my presentations offer the trifecta of personable, professional and educational learning to ensure your audience stays on track and takes action with my companion workbooks + action-taking follow up calls to keep them moving forward.

Please reach out with more about your group's needs and goals.

"Thank you for your wonderful presentation at Template Design Summit yesterday. You convinced me to give LinkedIn a try."

Nicole Evie, HR Director 

Powerfully Position Yourself™

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