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Host, The Business of You Personal Branding Podcast 

If you’re ready to stand out in your industry, my podcast teaches you how to get noticed, get known, and get results as you grow your reach, build your authority and expand your impact as a standout in your space.

Each week, be inspired by actionable tips, inspiring stories, and exclusive coaching from me on the latest in personal branding and LinkedIn authority marketing.

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Season 2: Personal Branding + More: Rebrand Update & More

Just checking in to update on the rebrand of the podcast, plus give some pointers when you're rebranding too. Tune in to this episode for more personal branding tips, details about the new podcast, and more!Connect with Michelle Griffin, Personal Brand Strategist and CoachLinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michellebgriffin/The LinkedIn Branding Show, my other

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When to Know it’s Time to Niche and Pivot Your Personal Brand + Show Announcement with Michelle Griffin

How do you find or know when you’ve found your niche? It’s the same for both your brand, business and even a podcast. This new solo is all about your niche positioning and how it can help your brand, when it’s time to do deeper or make a shift.  Michelle

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How to Create an Uncopyable Advantage and Build a Micro Community to Grow Your Personal Brand Business with Chris Colt

“Human beings, we crave community. It’s an essential part of our life and our being,” says Chris Colt, The Challenge Champion. Chris says this as he believes that communities we’re in, physically or not, have a big impact on our growth as individuals, and also as professionals. And this is

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How to Carve Your Own Path to Entpreneurship by Building Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn with Steven Arthur George

“I’ve always wanted to be out on my own, always wanted to make my own path if you will. But until I got into a space where I really could connect with something I was passionate about, then came the confidence,” says Steven Arthur George, founder of SAG Advisory Services.

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The 3 Steps to Easily Attract More Publicity for Your Personal Brand Business

“It’s not that you have to have so much experience, or someone amazing promoting you. You just need to know how,” explains Lisa Simone Richards, PR and Visibility Strategist. Lisa works with coaches that are struggling to grow their audiences to get more exposure and visibility for their businesses. She

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How to Develop a Growth Mindset Creating Content and Building Your Personal Brand

“You don’t grow  for the stimuli you’ve already survived, you grow for the circumstances you have yet to encounter.”, emphasizes Mike Phillips, an expert marketer and content creator, and a professional weightlifter. In this episode, Mike talks all about growth mindset and #musclemarketing, and the three layers to achieve and

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Michelle B. Griffin, Personal Brand Strategist


Co-Host, The LinkedIn Branding Show Podcast

The LinkedIn Branding Show empowers women entrepreneurs, experts, and small business owners to stand out and rise up as they build personal and business brands on LinkedIn.  Join your hosts, Michelle B. Griffin and Michelle J. Raymond, aka #MichelleSquared, for fun and real conversations plus actionable takeaways with a community of powerful and amazing women business owners looking to grow with a "good together" approach to personal brand and business branding.

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