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Don't Wait for Permission or Perfection to Put Yourself Out There

You Have Expertise That Needs to Be Shared

Michelle B. Griffin, Personal Brand Strategist

I've been in your shoes before. For years, I had a burning desire to step out and share my expertise and in a more visible, impactful and profitable way.

But it took me five long years and thousands of hours (and dollars) stuck in "professional clarity" prison to get out there.

Those days were tough and I was overwhelmed and often hopeless looking for the next best credential, course or certification to make sense of all my ideas and find professional direction.

And I never found it until I looked inside. My five year journey taught me this invaluable lesson: There is no substitute for true clarity and visibility when you have a burning desire to use your talents, gifts and expertise for personal and professional fulfillment.

How do you achieve true clarity and gain confidence? The answer is inside of you now. You already have what your need, right where you're at...today.

Here's the catch, you cannot go it alone. My role is to assist you in launching and/or increasing momentum by teaching you the same principles and approaches that worked for me and my clients.

Are you ready to find the clarity, direction and personalized (and proven) support you need to put yourself out there? Let's get you out there.  

Michelle Griffin, Personal Brand Strategist

Michelle B. Griffin, Personal Branding and Public Relations Strategist and Coach

  • 20 experience in PR & executive marketing roles
  • Master's Degree, Public Relations
  • StoryBrand Certified Marketing Guide
  • Certified Personal Brand Strategist
  • Podcast Host, The Business of You Show
  • Podcast Co-Host, The LinkedIn Branding Show
  • Community Founder, The 365 Creators.com
Michelle Griffin, Personal Brand Strategist
Michelle Griffin, Personal Brand Strategist
Michelle B. Griffin, Personal Brand Strategist
certified digital marketer

The Tools You Need to Standout In Your Space

  • 1 to 1 Support
  • 7-Step Branding Blueprint
  • Clarity Framework
  • Compelling Messaging
  • Proven Visibility Strategy
Michelle B. Griffin Personal Brand Strategist

It's Time to Put Yourself Out There and Make Your Unique Mark on the World

My mission is to empower and guide subject-matter experts & executives (especially women) to put themselves out there to gain more recognition, earn more money and make more impact with their work and ideas.

I work with people, not companies, to build standout personal brands

  • CEOs and Executives
  • Subject-Matter Experts
  • Established Entrepreneurs
  • Executive Consultants
  • Executive Coaches
Michelle Griffin, Personal Branding Podcast
Michelle Griffin, Personal Brand Strategist

SCARLETTE ACEVEDO, Mental Health COUNSELOR, public health and health promotion experT

Michelle is an expert when it comes to personal branding.

After contacting 25 LinkedIn coaches and was fooled by a few, I found her and have been working with her for a few months now. She's helped me bring my uniqueness out and has honored my true self. I wanted to find an expert and she was completely worth the wait.

Michelle Griffin, Personal Brand Strategist



She crafted a brand message that immediately got me clients.

Marketing has always been a challenge for me. I love what I do but promoting myself felt laborious. Michelle helped me clarify and craft my brand messaging and positioning into a beautiful new website that immediately got more me views, clicks and ideal clients for my coaching practice.

Ready to get out there?

 Before you step out, equip yourself with a strong personal brand foundation of clarity, positioning and visibility to thrive online.