Don't let DIY marketing keep 
you from doing great things

Personalized marketing strategy and copywriting 

for solopreneurs and service businesses ready to level up

Doing it all alone keeps you playing small.

When you have a big mission to share and marketing and copywriting aren't your zone of genius, it can keep you from doing the great things you dream for in your business.
Not to mention, think of all the precious hours wasted when you could be serving more clients who need you more than ever.

DIY shouldn't be an option for ambitious small brands and solopreneurs ready to play big. It's time to raise the stakes, step up the game, and take your business to a much bigger arena.

Digital Marketing Communication Strategist for SMB

​Michelle B. Griffin

​When you've outgrown DIY, ​it's time for ​a personalized marketing and copywriting ​partner​ to level up your game.

​Imagine, standing out from the competition, attracting dream clients, making a bigger impact and way more income all while growing your business above and beyond your wildest expectations. It's all possible, and I'm here to bring you th​is and more as your marketing partner and copy coach.

A marketing and copywriting partner gives
you more clients, more freedom, more income.

Hi, I'm Michelle B. Griffin, a corporate marketer turned marketing strategist and copywriter for mission-driven, service-based small brands and solopreneurs ​who are tired of the DIY ​game.

Much like a (copy) coach, a (business) trainer and a (marketing) mentor, I partner with you for done with you (DWY) marketing strategy and copywriting so you can level up for more impact and income.

Together, we create a online presence personalized for standouts like you. All while making you the star player you want and are meant to be.

Digital Marketing Communication Strategist for SMB


​The B. Means Business.


Together, we'll take your business to new heights so you do more of what you love


Michelle uses her extensive background in business and marketing to help our students fine-tune their marketing message. Michelle is the person to tap into if you're stuck or just need coaching on how to get crystal clear on your message.

Dawn Mazur

Expert Coach Center


Michelle's expertise is immediately evident in her ability to quickly evaluate your needs and create solutions through a manageable process. Her knowledge of digital marketing and effective copywriting was vital to starting my branding business. She is unmatched in skill level, approachability, and commitment to helping you succeed!

Jenny Hutto

Branding Strategist


There are so many platforms to market on and resources to use so it's hard to know where start! Working with Michelle has been a God-send! I tell her what my marketing goals are and she works with me to achieve them!  She is an asset to my business!"

Jennifer Young

Bodhi Tree Studio

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