Rise above the competition with marketing that gets you noticed.

 It's not your marketing, but rather your (marketing) messaging that'll make you standout in today's marketplace.

No matter what you call it—copy, communication, content—messaging is the most important ingredient in digital marketing. It’s what attracts visitors to viewers and browsers to buyers. It’s the salt to your marketing pepper and the peanut butter to your business jam. When dished up and done well, it makes for a perfect blend of connection and conversion that turns heads in a noisy world. 

 As a service-based small business owner, solopreneur or consultant, you definitely want to be turning heads as well as opening wallets. But, you're busy, and it can be a challenge knowing or even keeping up with all the moving parts of today's digital marketing.

But, here's the secret: you don't have to spin your wheels and be intimated or frustrated by marketing.

Messaging that connects and marketing that converts.

What you need is a simple yet strategic marketing messaging roadmap, a guide to take you from point A to B, and then to Z so you can market and communicate like a pro. 

It's all possible with the right marketing and (write) messaging that makes heads turn, hands click, and hearts happy.

Digital Marketing Communication Strategist for SMB

Marketing messaging that stands out, not shouts out.

Hi, I'm Michelle B. Griffin, a digital marketing communication strategist for service-based small business owners, solopreneurs and consultants. My mission is to help you define and refine your digital marketing presence with marketing and messaging that better connects, captivates and converts potential and existing clients and customers.

All while saving you time and money and helping you master marketing on your own successful terms.

So, if you're ready to make your marketing work for you rather than you work for your marketing, I'm here to show you it's all possible. Even if you love your business, but not marketing or writing about it. 

I'm soon launching, my new business site, a marketing + messaging solution for busy service-based small business owners, solopreneurs and consultants who want to rise above the competition and take their marketing to new heights.

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