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It's a simple as tweaking your marketing message

It's not what you sell, it's what you say that sells

Marketing your service-based small business doesn't have to be hard. You don't have to waste time, money and your sanity with marketing that doesn’t work when you have a clear message that turns browsers to buyers to brand fans.

Digital Marketing Communication Strategist for SMB


Solve your marketing problems with a clear message that connects AND converts

Hi, I'm Michelle B. Griffin, a digital marketing messaging strategist who helps service-based businesses gain and retain more clients  by transforming your marketing communication.

In my two decades in marketing, it pains me to see businesses with compelling services and stories miss out on clients and revenue they deserve. 


You don't need a bigger marketing budget, you just need a better marketing message. ​​Book a FREE call today to see where I can help.

At your service as a credentialed
digital marketer and conversion copywriter 

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Frustrated with needing more clients to say YES to your offers?

Having a hard time attracting your ideal clients?

Want to stand out so you don't sound like everyone else?

Struggling with the right copy for your website, emails or other marketing materials?

I can help!

I'll give you the words and wisdom and some digital strategy with actionable, takeaway tips you can use across your marketing channels.

Grab your FREE (and no strings attached) Clarity Call that'll take you from blending in to standing out in just 30-minutes (or less).

Don't worry, this isn't a sales call and there are no strings attached. It's just free and helpful advice to amp up your marketing and copy game.

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What they're saying...

Michelle uses her extensive background in business and marketing to help our students fine-tune their marketing message. Michelle is the person to tap into if you're stuck or just need coaching o​​​​n how to get crystal clear on your mess​​​​age.

Dawn Mazur

Expert Coach Center

"Michelle's expertise is immediately evident in her ability to quickly evaluate your needs and create solutions through a manageable process. Her knowledge of digital marketing and effective copywriting was vital in starting my branding business. She is unmatched in skill level, approachability, and commitment to helping you succeed!

Jenny Hutto

Branding Strategist

There are so many platforms to market on and resources to use so it's hard to know where start! Working with Michelle has been a godsend! I tell her what my marketing goals are and she works with me to achieve them!  She is an asset to my business!"

Jennifer Young

Bodhi Tree Studio

Want more clients to say YES to your offers?

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